Environmental Policy

With growing concerns for our environment, management have implemented a systematic approach to controlling pollution of the environment. Consideration for our environment is of the utmost importance.

Resources in line with the importance attached to our environment will be made available to comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations and to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Managements responsibility

The promotion and maintenance of the surrounding environment in which we work is the responsibility of all

employees at all levels of the company. All employees are required to contribute to the overall satisfactory

environmental conditions within the workplace.

Managements Approach to Environmental Control

  1. Identify and conform to legislative requirements pertaining to our industry.
  2. Consult with the necessary authorities regarding waste disposal.
  3. Design and implement safe systems of operation.
  4. Design and implement correct disposal procedures.
  5. Work in conjunction with clients to comply with the maintenance program at each work site.
  6. Promote an employee awareness attitude.

Specific Responsibilities

(a) Manager’s are required to ensure that this policy and the program is effectively implemented in their areas of

 control and to support supervisors and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.

(b) Each supervisor is responsible and will be held accountable for taking all practical measures to ensure that;

  • The workplace under their control is free from polluting the environment.
  • Any refuse waste product is removed, controlled or treated to prevent polluting the environment.
  • Legislative requirements are met.
  • Unsafe or unhealthy conditions are detected.

If the supervisor does not have the necessary authority to fix a problem, they will be responsible for reporting the matter promptly together with any recommendations for remedial action to a person who does not have the necessary authority.

(c) Managers and supervisors

The supervisor or manager, who has the necessary authority, is responsible for taking prompt remedial action to

Prevent or eliminate any unsafe occurrence and to provide the necessary control mechanisms to assist in the

Management of the environment where appropriate.

(d) Employees

All employees are required to co-operate with management so that the policy, programs and legislative requirements ensure that the environment remains in a safe and healthy condition.

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